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If a person suffers minor injuries in an automobile accident, they  are only entitled to no-fault benefits. However, people with serious  injuries that affect their ability to lead their normal life may be  entitled to pain and suffering damages against the at-fault driver. This  involves notifying the other driver's insurance company. They will  assign an adjuster to a bodily injury claim file. The adjuster will  require medical proof that the injury is serious before offering to pay  damages. 

In addition to serious injuries, a person who  sustains a permanent disfigurement is entitled to non-economic damages.  Permanent serious disfigurements generally are scars that are  noticeable

How Much Is My Case Worth


It  takes an experienced attorney to determine the value of a claim against  the at-fault driver. The attorney will have to review all your medical  records and assess the nature and extent of your injuries. The  attorney will also need to review the police report and determine  whether you bore any fault in the collision.

Unfortunately,  many people try to negotiate with an insurance adjuster on their own.  This can lead to an injury claimant waiving their right to pursue  damages in exchange for an unfairly small sum of money.

The  Law Offices of Cherkinsky & Goutman, P.L.C. have been negotiating  automobile accident claims for over 30 years. This experience provides  us with the knowledge necessary to determine whether an offer is fair or  not.